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Beautiful Wedding

The 2 Week Diet

Elegant and touching, classical and inspiring, passionate yet delicate – this graceful ceremonial track will take you on an emotional journey.

Beautiful bells, inspiring piano lines and classical orchestral strings merge with modern pop elements. The arrangement starts tender and subtle, yet with every harmonic phrase the emotional momentum grows and grows, building a beautiful arc that leads to the track’s emotional highlight.

Add another tasteful, elegant, emotional touch to your project! Use this track to capture your most precious memories and tell a story of grace, passion and emotion!

Sam Stone - Colorful Music for Picture

Suggested Production Genres

This elegant ceremonial track is a perfect fit for a wide variety of projects like montages, slideshows, video albums and YouTube videos associated with topics such as weddings, ceremonies, faith, anniversaries, family, celebrations and many more.

3 versions included!

To give you even more flexibility this package includes 3 ready-to-use edits. Simply choose the perfect length for your project!

  1. Main Version (2:20)
  2. 90 Seconds Edit (1:30) – (skip to 2:20 in the audioplayer above)
  3. 60 Seconds Edit (1:00) – (skip to 3:50 in the audioplayer above)

What customers are saying:

This track is NOT associated with any YouTube ContentID service like AdRev, Audiam etc. No need to worry about content claims for your or your client’s videos!


The 2 Week Diet

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